In which people having their own private opinions threatens the shit out of evangelical Christians.

28 Aug

I’m really fucking sick of church–of attending, of pretending I like attending and haven’t withdrawn myself emotionally years ago, of watching everyone around me schedule their entire lives around two or three services (plus volunteering and worship team practice and Bible studies and gendered “fellowship” activities) every week, as if that’s normal. I’m looking forward to a time when Sundays are actually fun.

Until then, I’m determined to be as heretical as possible. FUCK THE POLICE. This morning, a question was posed: “Do you see the world getting better or worse?” (Had I chosen to participate in this ritual, I’d have suggested things like interfaith cooperation, community gardens, global outcry against queer persecution, innovative young scientists and inventors and composers, grassroots activism, rising standards of living, freeschools–as signs of societal progress. However, there were spies in the audience, and I decided to simply observe as an outsider while the teacher wrote the class’s answers on the whiteboard.)

The “better” side was pretty bare. “Community involvement” made the cut, nestling between the only other two indicators of an improving society–K-Love and the ability to access the Bible on one’s iPhone, heh.

The “worse” side, on the other hand, boasted a long list of the world’s increasing evils, including terrorism, immorality, accelerated crime rates, natural disasters, and tolerance.

Tolerance is making the world worse. Because as a result of the general trend of peoples’ growing acceptance of beliefs and opinions and stories and lives different from their own, they’re now more likely to listen to what you have to say, offer affirming words, and go about the business of living their own unique lives. Because people are viewing different experiences and lifestyles as less threatening, they’re contributing to a non-combative culture where they’re able to respect someone’s position without feeling compelled to adopt it themselves, and therefore aren’t converting to Christianity in appropriately high numbers.

I can’t even.


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